About Us


About Us

NJP Healthcare Private Limited is one of the leading companies in India offering herbal extracts in different forms. Our core focus in research and development helps us prepare products in an innovative way and execute these in a wide range of extracts with natural origin. Our unique selling point is in providing herbal extracts that are free from adulterants.

NJP Healthcare Private Limited is a marketing company with a certified and approved unit named as Leopard Investment Limited.

Company adheres to best quality standards that are assured through the state of art technology and best infrastructure at R & D and manufacturing unit. Being highly innovative in providing solutions as per customer’s needs, we make custom made extracts, distillates, thick pastes, medicated oils and kesh tailas. We have a wide range of dry extracts, oils, soft extracts and cosmetic extracts.

With all required licenses, situated in the largest industrial zone in Western India, Our philosophies and beliefs are strongly based on the curing power of natural herbs, which led us to manufacture herbal extracts in different forms like dry powders, oils, and extracts. We are fully equipped with a manufacturing facility with all necessary equipment’s helps meeting customer’s requirement.


NJP Healthcare Private Limited has their own manufacturing facility on the name of Leopard Investment Limited in 1991 with all required licenses, situated in the biggest industrial zone in western India zone and in the region of south Gujarat. Our philosophy and belief have overwhelming faith in superb curing power of natural herbs, which led him to start extract in different form like dry powder, cosmetic extracts and all classical products in pure form.


With the vision of late Dr. K.M. Parikh, M.D and original promoter of "Zandu Pharmaceuticals Works Limited", and now his son Mr. Jinesh K. Parikh, NJP Healthcare Private Limited is dedicated to producing pure aqueous extracts keeping in view the significance of herbal medicine and successfully conceptualizing on the principles of Ayurveda.

Quality Control

NJP Healthcare Private Limited has a state of the art, modern, and fully equipped factory which has bulk capacities. We emphasize on the right selection of raw materials by scientifically testing them for their efficacy. We successfully deliver quality and excellence in our product assortment. Every product developed by us undergoes strict quality control measures. Our manufacturing unit consists of pulverizing units, extractors, jacketed vessels, concentration plants, spray dryers, tray dryers, fluid bed dryers, rapid mixer granulators, milling equipments, R.O. systems, plate heat exchangers, external oil manufacturing set ups, distillation plants and more. We are certified by GMP and ISO 22000.


Endorsing as the original promoter of "Zandu Pharmaceuticals Works Limited”, we are catering to Customer needs in providing adulterants free extracts.

Our reliability in our approach that includes:

  • Stringent GMP practices
  • Technical expertise
  • Samples with precise information
  • Recognized Certifications
  • Co-ordination and assistance with connecting the dots with customers
  • Tailor made requirements
  • Dedicated to producing pure aqueous extracts
  • Conceptualizing on the principles of Ayurveda