About NJP Healthcare

We are India's leading manufacturer and supplier of standardized aqueous herbal extracts across multiple forms.

Our Company

NJP Healthcare Pvt Ltd is India’s leading manufacturer and supplier of aqueous herbal extracts across different forms. Our commitment to supplying the most natural water soluble botanical ingredients defines our operations right from sourcing to packing them for you. Our roots and wisdom of Ayurveda is our core strength that enables us to provide you with the most authentic and efficacious materials for your products and practices.

We offer single ingredient extract powders and granules, medicated oils, distillates, pastes and raw herb powders. Our ingredients are popularly used throughout the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries as actives in beverage mixes, syrups, tablets, capsules, oils, shampoos, toothpastes and creams. We are a key supplier of herbal extracts and proprietary mixes to a vast client base across the entire country. We are not only a trusted vendor to large companies but also a regular supplier to individual doctors, clinics and research labs.

Our philosophy of honesty and transparency runs through both, our products as well as our operations. At NJP Healthcare, we do not add any artificial colors, fragrances or flavors to our ingredients. Our offerings are 100% Natural and no solvent chemicals are used in the extraction process. Our extracts are manufactured from pure authentic herbs and our goods are always shipped along with our in-house lab tested report of standards and results.

Our Mission

Manufacture and supply authentic herbal ingredients in the safest and most efficacious forms.

Our Vision

Promote practices of honesty and authenticity throughout the supply chain, from farmers to retailers of the global natural health care industry.


Our Services

Stringent GMP practices

Co-ordination and assistance with connecting the dots with customers

Technical expertise

Tailor made requirements

Recognized Certifications

Dedicated to producing pure aqueous extracts

Conceptualizing on the principles of Ayurveda

Samples with precise information


Our Team

Our organization is an MSME with a family of 50-100 employees. All our orders are dispatched from our factory in Vapi, Gujarat while our head office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra.
Jinesh Parikh
Managing Director

Mr. Jinesh Parikh has always been ambitious about herbal extract manufacturing. His grit and enthusiasm pushed him to leave no stone unturned, right from Shipment Plus Inc to Zandu Pharmaceutical Works. Mr. Parikh’s career is proof of excellence in achieving milestones one after another. He is the source of our inspiration, and under his guidance, NJP Healthcare pushes its limits and strives for excellence.


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