Ancient Ayurveda for the Modern Stress


Stress is a fairly universal element of our human experience. Emergence of technology made human lives easier, but it didn’t automatically make us happier. On the contrary, the pressures of modern urban life has led to a drastic rise in the incidence of chronic stress and anxiety disorders. We all have our (seemingly) unique stressors. But is this stress playing a bigger role in our life than we would like it to?

The scientific and non-scientific literature highlights the role of chronic stress and anxiety in the onset of some serious (and chronic) ailments like diabetes and heart disease. Stress in Ayurveda is viewed as a nervous system disturbance. The roots of this disturbance are to be found in the balance of natural energy or doshas that govern our physical and psychological traits.

In this newsletter, we explore whether the ancient ayurvedic approach is the solution for the modern-day stress.

Modern stress management
The modern system of medicine is still in need of an effective anti stress agent. Though there are drugs that claim to have antistress activity, they do not fulfill the criteria of a true, safe and specific anti stress agent.

The Ayurvedic perspective
The fact that ‘prevention is better than cure’ is well recognized in Ayurveda, as its foremost objective is the maintenance and promotion of the health of the healthy. Ayurveda also recognises that there will always be stressors that we can’t control and encourages our nervous systems to respond to these situations in a healthier way which is the key to reclaiming our health.

The following Ayurvedic ingredients offer unique solutions in dealing with stress:

Used by people of all ages to improve mood, memory, stress and anxiety, as well as a boost in muscle strength
Has adaptogenic qualities. Potent nervine tonic.
Has adaptogenic qualities. Used to treat insanity or epilepsy.
Has antistress, antidepressive benefits.
Beneficial for pain relief and smooth menstrual flow.
Has multiple applications as a nervine tonic & local stimulant.

This is by no means an exhaustive list.

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Ayurvedic products for Stress Management
Ayurvedic health-care products are mainly available in capsules or supplements. Some herbs can be eaten as a part of the meal and some are even brewed into teas. Brahmi medicated oil has proven to be effective in postnatal care for both the mother and the newborn child. Innovative products like ayurvedic stress relief patches are slowly gaining mainstream popularity.

A better tomorrow
Stress begets more stress and therefore sometimes antistress agents are required to break this cycle. We may never get rid of this stress, we can only learn to deal with it better.

Ayurveda offers healthy and non-toxic ways of stress management. Innovative and non-toxic products in conjunction with a healthy diet, exercise and sleep schedule can help mitigate the stress of modern life. With the wisdom of Ayurveda behind us, it is our collective dream to create a life of balance and vibrant health for all of us.

For further reading
The purpose of this newsletter is to generate curiosity. If you wish to explore the topic in more detail, you can check the following reference links.

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