Prevent cancer with Tannins!

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If you could choose only one drink for the rest of your life, what would you choose?

Well, we would say you should choose tea without a second thought!

Everyone knows that tea is a delicious and refreshing drink but do you also know it has many health benefits? The health benefits of tea are only due to TANNINS!

Let’s know more about tannins!
Tannins are a group of phytochemical compounds that can be found in tea and other edible ayurvedic products, and are responsible for providing many health benefits. It is classified among polyphenols and has a bitter, astringent taste. It is naturally found in tree bark, leaves, legumes and a variety of other edible/inedible plants.

Do you know?

Black tea has the highest concentration of tannins followed by green tea!

Health benefits of tannins
1. Antioxidant in nature
Similar to flavonoids, the most well-known benefit of tannins is its antioxidative nature which in turn helps our body combat against oxidative stress

2. Anti-inflammatory properties
The antioxidant properties of tannins help the human body fight inflammation by balancing the bacteria in your gut, thereby, turning off the inflammation from the gastrointestinal glands. Does this property remind you of alkaloids? (We talked about it in our previous mailer)

3. Protection against heart diseases
Due to everyday stress, heart diseases are extremely common. Tannins keep the heart tissues healthy by preventing calcium buildup in arteries.

The health benefits of tannins do not end here, they help balance blood sugar levels and also contain cancer-preventing properties. While sipping tea is a good source of tannins, there’s only so much tea that one can consume in a day.

Our herbal extracts provide a much stronger concentration of Tannins in them for immediate medicinal use.

Tannins in ayurvedic products
Amla / Amalaki
Botanical Name : Emblica officinalis
Extracts standardized up to : Tannins 28%
Benefits : Antioxidant, Tonic, Hyperacidity
Baheda / Bibhitaki
Botanical Name : Terminalia bellirica
Extracts standardized up to : Tannins 25%
Benefits : Cough and Cold, Detoxificant
Botanical Name : Acacia nilotica
Extracts standardized up to : Tannins 20%
Benefits : Astringent
Botanical Name : Terminalia arjuna
Extracts standardized up to : Tannins 15%
Benefits : Cardiovascular support, Antiarrhythmic
Botanical Name : Saraca asoca
Extracts standardized up to : Tannins 15%
Benefits : Urinary tonic, Uterine bleeding, Piles
Gular / Udumbara
Botanical Name : Ficus racemosa / Ficus glomerata
Extracts standardized up to : Tannins 12%
Benefits : Diseases of Female, Urinary diseases
Amra / Ambo / Mango
Botanical Name : Mangifera indica
Extracts standardized up to : Tannins 8%
Benefits : Vaginitis, Acute diarrhea, Urinary disorders, Dysentery, Skin diseases

Ayush Kwath
Botanical Name : Combination
Extracts standardized up to : Tannins 3%
Benefits : Immunity boosting

If you’re conscious about your health, then including tannins in your everyday routine will be beneficial for you.

We’ll come back with another group of phytochemicals soon, till then, savor your favorite drink – tea!

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