Quality Screening

Our ingredients are tested for their final phyto-active content along with their physico-chemical parameters.
A detailed microbe screening is also carried out.
Our in-house lab can test and report the product for any heavy metals in the batch.

Decoction processing

The decoction is further processed into our different product forms.
For extract granules, the decoction is spray dried into powder, which is then granulated in a fluid bed dryer to the desired bulk density parameters.

Concentrating the herbs

Once the equipment line is cleaned and cleared, our ground herbs are extracted in water at controlled temperature and pressure parameters.
The batch is concentrated over time till the desired specifications are met.

Raw herbs processing

On arrival, our raw herbs are diligently sampled and tested by our team to the prescribed standards of the Ayurvedic Pharmacopoeia of India.
They are also screened for their phyto-active content to meet our standardized specifications.
Once approved, the herbs go through our cleaning process which removes common contaminants and foreign matters.
The cleaned herbs are ground before their extraction process begins.

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